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Welcome to Troop 1300's scouting page.

 We are a mixed-group troop of Cadettes. We meet on every 1st and 3rd Thursday evenings from 6-8 pm at the Girl Scout cabin on 430 Grand Ave.. 

Girl Scout Group Goals and Mission Statement

1)Work together as a team to reach determined goals for badges, patches, and / or achievements.


2)Work on activities and engage in events that foster self-confidence, build self-esteem, improve social skills, develop a sense of community involvement and giving back, and that provide an outlet for fun and exciting group interactions.


3)Provide support for troop members that would like to engage in individual projects and / or council sponsored events, with or without the rest of the group.


We hope to continue our group year round, with bi-weekly meetings, and other activities to help us achieve reaching goals and to provide fun and exciting group interactions. 

We engage in a variety of activities throughout the year, including overnights, parties, day trips, weekend trips, and camps.


Fundraising: We will do annual cookie sales, and each of the scouts can decide whether they would like to do sales as an individual, as a group at booth sales, or both. We will also make an attempt at other fundraising opportunities as needed to fund our goals and activities. There may be some activities that will require direct monetary contribution from the scout, but our goal is to keep those at a minimum.


Though we will work as a team, we will provide each scout an opportunity to lead for a month and to assist directly in whatever project, craft, or activity they have chosen for the group. When a scout is leading for the month, they can provide the snack for the group if they choose.


Parent participation and involvement is encouraged.


Our Girl Scout group will learn, grow, and achieve by engaging in activities as a group, as an individual, and having an active role as a team member.


Girl Scout Trip to a Local Fire Station