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Boy Scout Troop 750
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Below you'll find digital copies of a few documents that we hand out at our new parent orientation nights.  One is an excerpt from a National document about Scouting.  The second is a transcript of a real exchange between a new parent and Clarke Green, a Scoutmaster with over 30 years of experience, and the host of the Scoutmaster Podcast.
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NewParentLetter.pdf Letter Between a New Parent and a Scoutmaster  
ScoutParentGuide.pdf Scout Parent Guide Excerpt  

Visit with Us!

Cub Scouts in 4th and 5th grade and all boys age 11 and older are welcome to visit Troop 750 meetings most any time. We do strive for one off-site meeting a month, so it's no guarantee we will be at our normal meeting place every week, so please do check with us before you visit. If you just drop in, you might visit on a night when we aren't there! Guests, usually with a parent, are welcome to camp with us. We have taken many potential scouts with us on weekend trips. Spending a Thursday night or two and a weekend with us is the best way to get to know Troop 750 and how we operate.

Why Join Scouting?

The Boy Scout program is for boys ages 11-17. 

There are many youth organizations to chose from, such as sports, service clubs and educational programs.  As volunteers, we salute these organizations for their work with young people.  The Scouting program, however, goes above and beyond programs offered by traditional youth organizations.

Scouting provides activities that:

  • encourage boys to try new things,
  • nurture love for the outdooors,
  • advocate service to others,
  • build self-confidence,
  • foster new friendships,
  • emphasize teamwork,
  • cultivate citizenship,
  • promote leadership skills, 

And, most importantly, it's LOTS of fun!


Joining Checklist

  1. Complete an application, available below and from the Scoutmaster at most weekly meetings.
  2. Pay membership dues, information is in the Finances section of this web site.
  3. Acquire a uniform and a Boy Scout Handbook.  Information is in the Uniforms section of this web site.
  4. Complete and submit a Boy Scout medical form, available from the National BSA web site here.
  5. Discuss the pamphlet, "How to protect your children from child abuse," in the Boy Scout Handbook.
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524-406A05.pdf Membership Form