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Boy Scout Troop 750
(Henrietta, New York)
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Our Eagles

Troop 750 (previously Troop 481) has been the home to many Eagle Scouts:

      2016   Blake Gross   2004   Jeffrey Standish   1993   Sal Timpani
      2015   Griffin Deeter   2003  Nicholas Lamanna   1993   Nathan Stoddard
      2015  Forrest Gertin   2002   David Zeigler   1993   Christopher Corr
      2015  Jordan Hitchcock   2002  John Standish   1991   Brian Povio
  2015  Noah Brewster   2002  David Fischer   1991   Steve McCoy
      2014  Zac Horton   2001  Brian Roman   1991   Patrick Walker
      2013  Brian Matte   2000  Timothy Turner   1991   Jeff Shockley
      2012  Nate Gillan   2000  Robert Timpani   1991  Benjamin Stoddard
2019   Joe Latus   2012  Ben Boudrez   1997   Christopher Carl Eagan   1991   Justin Pascullo
2019   Bob Weiler   2012   Zac McEvily   1996   Andrew Smith   1991   David Corr
2019   Jacob Olsen    2011   Shane Nelson   1996   Joseph Timpani   1988   James Walker, Jr.
2018  Tyler Campo    2011   Myles Ott   1995   Brian Less   1986   Scott Ovens
2018  Julius Jackson III   2010   Gregory Bischoping   1995   Brian Corr   1986   Roy Jones, Jr.
2017   Andres Arce    2009   Matthew Drury   1995   David Sonders   1985   Todd Lenhard
2017   Ian Campo    2008   Christopher Nelson   1994   Henry Chen   1985   Ronald Zellar
2016   Caleb Klaver    2008   Nicholas Dubois   1993   Stephen Shaw   1981  Christopher Mears
2016   Mitch Glaser    2006   Gregory Standish   1993  William Zink   1976   Kevin Reid


Eagle Requirements

A young man who earns the rank of Eagle has much to be proud of.  Eagle requirements are:

  1. Be active in your troop
  2. Demonstrate that you live the Oath and Law
  3. Earn 21 merit badges
  4. Serve as a youth leader
  5. Plan and execute a service project
  6. Take part in a Scoutmaster Conference
  7. Successfully complete a Board of Review

See Scouting's official site for all the details.

The Eagle Project

The work required in the Eagle Service Project is designed to further develop a young man's leadership skills.  The path from "Life to Eagle" is long, but certainly with the capabilities of our Scouts, as the rank has been awarded over 2.1 million times.  Still, less than 2% of all boys that join Scouting earn this rank!

Most of the Eagle rank requirements are second nature to a dedicated scout.  Be active. Live the Oath and Law. Successfully hold a leadership position.  Earn merit badges.  These things are similar to what must be done to earn Star and Life.  Outlined below are additional steps that a Life Scout must follow to earn Eagle.  Most importantly, remember, you are not alone!  The adult leaders of our troop want you to succeed and will do everything we can to help you!  When you are ready to start work on your Eagle Service Project, let us know, and we'll hold a kick-off meeting to get you started.  Good Luck!

The Project:
  • Download and carefully read the Eagle Service Project workbook.  This will enable the next several steps.
  • Discuss Eagle Service Project ideas with the Troop Eagle Adviser.  The best projects have a long-lasting leagacy.
  • Complete the Service Project Proposal and get all the required signatures.
  • Complete the Service Project Final Plan.
  • Submit Fundraising Applications as necessary.
  • Carry out your Service Project.  Take pictures!   Remember, you are the project manager!
  • Complete the Service Project Report.
  • Prepare all the Eagle Project paperwork for presentation in a binder or other professional format.

Letters of Recommendation:
You need letters of recommendation.  You should ask for no less than five and at least three must be completed and returned to the Troop Eagle Adviser. You must follow the procedures listed in this document.  Ask for letters from a parent, religious leader, teacher, employer, and two other people who can speak to your character.  If you are unable to get a letter of recommendation from a religious leader, you must prepare a personal statement of religious belief or faith.

Statement of Ambitions and Life Purpose:
You must write a statement of life purpose.  This is your opportunity to tell members of your board of review what you do outside Scouting.  Include honors, awards, and plans for the future.  Brag!  Follow the pointers in this document and in this one

Complete the Application Form:
The Eagle Application Form asks for many details from your Scouting resume.  Our Advancement Coordinator has most of the necessary information.  Work together to fill out the application.  Get the necessary signatures.

Your entire package, including your service project binder, letters of recommendation, statement of life purpose, and application form, MUST be received at Council Office BEFORE your 18th birthday.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

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