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Boy Scout Troop 750
(Henrietta, New York)
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Sage on the Stage or Guide on the Side?

In Boy Scouts, the program is planned, prepared, and presented by the youth.  Adult leaders are always near by, to support the program decisions reached by youth leaders, ensure health and safety, and to handle the "behind the scenes" work that must be done.  This differs from Cub Scouts, where programming is run by adult leaders, often parents.  This may sometimes look chaotic but it is the way of Scouting.  Adults in the back of the room or across camp are doing their best to stay out of the spotlight.  "Never do anything a Scout can do" is one mantra of a scout leader.

Adult Leadership Roles

   Role  Description
#  Scoutmaster  Responsible for Troop operation and program
 Assistant Scoutmasters  Assistants to the Scoutmaster and Acting Scoutmaster in the Scoutmaster's absence
 Chaplain  Responsible for the religious component of Troop program
#  Committee Chair  Overall respsonsiblity for coordinating supporting adults and for supporting the Scoutmaster
#  Treasurer  Responsible for Troop finance
#  Secretary  Records and distributes minutes of Committee Meetings
#  Chartered Organization Representative  The liasion to our Chartering Organization, Pinnacle Lutheran Church
 ScoutParent Coordinator  Coordinates parent's activities to support the committee and Troop program
 Recruiting/Membership  Recruits new scouts and works with local Cub Scout packs
 Equipment Coordinator  Works with youth quartermaster to maintain and inventory Troop Equipment
   Eagle Adviser  Works with Scouts who are soon to earn Eagle
   Eagle Court of Honor Adviser  Works with Eagle Scouts to plan their Eagle Ceremony
#  Advancement Chairman  Records and reports on youth advancement and progress
   Advancement Reception Coordinator  Manages food at advancement and recognition ceremonies
#  Fund Raising Coordinator  Organizes the Troop's fund raising activities
   Popcorn Chairman  Coordinates the Troop's participation in the Popcorn fundraiser
   Summer Camp Coordinator  Organizes troop summer camp plans
#  Camping Coordinator  Arranges for use camps and files necessary travel paperwork
   Camping Meals Coordinator  Assists Scouts in development of camp menus and with the shopping for trips
 Adult Training Coordinator  Maintains adult training records, keeps adults informed of training opportunities
   Youth Training Adviser  Assists in planning and executing annual youth training events
   Media Liaison  Collects and assembles pictures and event summaries to be shared with local media outlets
   Social Outreach Coordinator  Coordinate outreach activities such as food/clothing drives
   Transportation Coordinator  Coordinates transportation to events and ensures that no one family carries an undue burden of driving
   High Adventure Coordinator  Promotes and encourages high adventure trips
   Webmaster Adviser  Works with the youth webmaster to develop and maintain our web site
   Medical Coordinator  Keeps medical forms current and organized and maintains the troop first aid kits
   OA Adviser  Works with the Troop OA Rep to ensure OA members are aware of upcoming events
#  Troop Committee Member  

Adult Leaders

 Role  Name  Contact Information
 Scoutmaster  Rick Coloccia
 Assistant Scoutmaster  Mike Poccia

 Assistant Scoutmaster  Dan Latus
 Assistant Scoutmaster  Kyle Korndoerfer  
 Assistant Scoutmaster
 Chaplain  open
 Committee Chair  Heather Campo  
 Treasurer  Eric Deeter  
 Secretary  open
 Chartered Organization Representative  open
 ScoutParent Coordinator  open  
 Recruiting  Bill Campo  
 Equipment Coordinators  open  
 Eagle Advisers  Dave Horton, Gene Gillan  
 Eagle Court of Honor Adviser  open
 Advancement Chairman  Bill Campo  
 Advancement Reception Coordinator  open  
 Fund Raising Coordinator  open
 Popcorn Chairman  Jen Zuber  
 Summer Camp Coordinator  open
 Camping Coordinator  open
 Camping Meals Coordinator  open
 Adult Training Coordinator  open  
 Youth Training Adviser  open  
 Media Liasion  Heather Campo  
 Social Outreach Coordinator  open  
 Transportation Coordinator  open  
 High Adventure Coordinator  open  
 Webmaster Adviser  open  
 Medical Coordinator  open
 OA Adviser  Bill Campo  
 Merit Badge Counselors  anyone can hold this position  

Scoutmasters of Troop 481/750

Name Years
Arnie Lewis 1970-1974
Pete Wettergreen 1974-1975
Doug Scagliola 1975-1977
Arnie Lewis  1977-1980
Mike Stolar 1980-1981
Arnie Lewis 1981-1983
Fred Brumm  1983-1984
Mike Lenhard 1984-1986
Roy Jones 1986-1987
Dave McDonough 1987-1988
Dave Innes 1988-1990
Bob Stoddard 1990-1993
Tom Corr 1993-1995
Wayne Smith 1995-1999?
Bob Heimbueger 1999?-2001
Richard Standish 2001-2006
Dan Nistico 2006-2010
John Haley 2010-2011
Rick Coloccia 2012-