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Scout Accounts

Some of our fund raisers benefit the general Troop fund to cover camping equipment, recruiting costs, and other supplies. 

Other fund raisers directly benefit Scouts in our Troop.  Proceeds from these fund raisers are held in a "Scout Account," which are kept in the Scout's name.  Annual dues and costs for activities are deducted from this account.  Scouts are required to keep their Scout account balance positive at all times through fund raising or deposits into the account.  Scouts will be prohibited from attending events if their balance does not cover the expected costs for an event.  Our treasurer is readily available to discuss Scout Account balances and to accept deposits.

Fund Raising

Scouts have opportunities to participate in fund raising events that will increase the balance in their Scout account. Expenses such as dues and camping trips are deducted from Scout's individual accounts.

Some fund raising events benefit the Troop, which is equally important.  Scouts are obligated and expected to participate in Troop fund raisers, as the proceeds benefit everyone in the unit.

Car washes, hot dog and hamburger sales, popcorn, and dinners are a few ways we raise funds for the boys and the Troop. 

If a Scout wishes to participate in various high adventure activities, fund raising becomes extremely important. High adventure experiences can cost well over $1000 and it can take several years for a Scout to save enough to cover a trip.

Fund raisers accomplish more than just earn money - Scouts learn the value of work through these efforts.  They give the troop the opportunity to put our name out in the community.  Fund raisers help Scouting stay relevant in our neighborhood.  Your active participation is very important.


A Scout is Thrifty.  Scouting, like any activity, has costs.  We do our very best to keep costs down.  Annual membership dues for scouts in Troop 750 is $75, payable in April, from your Scout Account.  A scout who has been actively participating in fund raising activities over the scouting year will be able to cover their annual dues easily. 

Dues covers registration and insurance, training, and weekly meeting programming.

Other expenses, such as campings supplies, recruiting costs, other supplies, and equipment, are funded through various Troop fund raisers.

The Budgeting Process

The Scoutmaster Handbook clearly defines the budgeting process that troops are expected to follow:

  1. The troop treasurer, Scoutmaster, and scribe consider the troop's expenses and prepare a rough draft of a budget to cover them.
  2. The patrol leaders' council reviews the proposed budget and puts it into final form.
  3. The troop committee approves the budget
  4. The budget is presented to Scouts and their parents.

The Scoutmaster Handbook recommends the following expenses be included in a budget:

  • Troop Charter Fee
  • Registration
  • Program Materials
  • Activities
  • Boy's Life Magazine
  • Insurance
  • Reserve Funding
Income sources include dues and various fund raisers.