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Health Form

The BSA health form is available here.  Parts A & B of this form must be completed and submitted to the Scoutmaster when a Scout joins the troop.  Parts A, B & C are mandatory for any Scout attending any event that runs longer than 72 hours, including summer camp. School physical forms are not an acceptable substitute. You will need to see your primary health care provider before you can complete part C of the form.

Med forms expire after a year, so parts A & B must be resubmitted annually.

Permission Slips

Traditional paper permission slips are important to our process.
  • Permission slips serve as a tangible reminder to all Scouts that they (not a parent!) must sign up for an event. Scouts and parents discuss an event at a weekly meeting, and the permission slip is signed before leaving for the night.
  • Permission slips grant (or deny!) adult leaders the ability to administer over-the-counter medicines to scouts at events.
  • Permission slips show the location, dates and expected cost of an event.
  • Permission slips help us plan adult coverage and drivers for events.

Once a permission slip has been signed and submitted, the Scout is committed to the event, and the troop is authorized to begin spending money on behalf of the Scout for the event.

We will occasionally use a web-form to sign up for events if we are not meeting in the weeks immediately prior to the event, but this is an exception, not the rule.

Financial Action Sheet

This form is necessary for handling reimbursement for shopping expenses.  If you are asked by the troop to shop for an event, you can complete and submit this form for reimbursement with receipts within 30 days.
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FINANCIAL ACTION SHEETcell.doc Financial Action Sheet  

Troop Resource Survey

Everyone has special skills and talents.  Superpowers, if you will.  The most successful Boy Scout Troops take full advantage of the talents of everyone around them.  When families join the troop, we request that they complete this survey and submit it to the ScoutParent Coodinator.  The more people we can involve, the better the program we can provide.  Thank You!
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Winter Camping Science

In the winter, we think about these things when we are outside:
  • Conduction (touching something cold)
  • Convection (a cold draft)
  • Perspiration (sweat)
  • Radiation
  • Respiration

These handouts address each of these challenges.

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Winter Camping Science.pdf Winter Camping Science  
winter.pdf Cold Weather Camping Tips  

Backpacking Checklist

When you go backpacking, you want to pack light.  Here is REI's backpacking checklist.  Always be sure to have the 10 essentials, and then use your best judgement, based on the time of year and expected weather, to round out your packing.
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rei-backpacking.pdf REI Backpacking Checklist  

The Mess Kit

The mess kit has changed a great deal over the last century.  See this interesting document for the evolution of the mess kit.
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HighlyEvolvedMessKit.pdf The Highly Evolved Mess Kit  

Youth Leadership Application

Serving as a youth leader requires serious commitment on the part of a Scout.  There are additional meetings and camping trips.  There is the need to be thinking about Scouting over the week between events, there is a requirement to arrive early and stay a little later to camping trips and meetings, and in order for all this to work, parents must be supportive of their Scouts.

This form explains the youth leader election process.  A form must be submitted before a Scout can hold a youth leadership role.  Please understand that when a Scout takes on a youth leadership role, if they do not meet the requirements of that role, they not only negatively impact themselves, they also impact their patrol and the troop.  In a boy-led troop, service as a youth leader is a meaningful and significant commitment.

Please talk to a Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster with questions.  Thanks!
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Leadership.pdf Leadership Position Application