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Boy Scout Troop 750
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Youth Leadership Roles

Role  Description
Senior Patrol Leader* Top junior leader in the troop. He leads the patrol leaders' council and, in consultation with the Scoutmaster, appoints other junior leaders and assigns specific responsibilities as needed.
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader* Fills in for senior patrol leader in his absence. He is also responsible for training and giving direction to the quartermaster, scribe, troop historian, librarian, and instructors.
Patrol Leader* Gives leadership to members of his patrol and represents them on the patrol leaders' council
Assistant Patrol Leader Fills in for the patrol leader in his absence.
Scribe* The troop secretary.
Historian Collects and maintains troop memorabilia and information on former troop members.
Quartermaster Responsible for troop supplies and equipment.
Librarian Keeps troop books, pamphlets, magazines, audiovisuals, and merit badge counselor list available for use by troop members.
Chaplain Aid Assists in troop religious services and promotes religious emblems program.
Troop Guide* Advisor and guide to the new Scout patrol.
Troop OA Representative Ensures OA members in the troop are aware of upcoming OA events, encourages camping and ethical decision making.
Instructor Teaches one or more advancement skills to troop members.
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster* A Scout 16 or older who supervises and supports other boy leaders as assigned.
Den Chief Works with a Cub Scout den as a guide.
Webmaster Develops and maintains the troop web site.

*Denotes members of the Patrol Leaders' Council.

Patrol Leaders' Council Meetings

Patrol Leaders are members of the patrol leaders' council, and serve as the voice of their patrol members. Patrol Leaders present the ideas and concerns of their patrol and in turn share the decisions of the patrol leaders' council with their patrol members.

The patrol leaders' council is made up of the senior patrol leader, who presides over the meetings; the assistant senior patrol leader, all patrol leaders, and the troop guide. The Troop Scribe attends as well. Other Scouts and adults are welcome to attend to present an idea or observe what is going on.

The patrol leaders' council plans the yearly troop program at the annual troop program planning conference. It then meets monthly to fine-tune the plans for the upcoming month.

When: The First or Last Monday of Every Month, 7:00-8:30pm
Where: Pinnacle Lutheran Church
Who: Senior Patrol Leader
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Patrol Leaders 
Troop Guides
Action Items:

Meeting Agendas
Activity Update (see Troop Activity Matrix)
Functional Assignments (Quartermaster, etc.)

Senior Leadership

Jacob O.   Jaimison G.

Jared B.

Patrol Leaders

  Toxic Toads    Raging Narwahls
Nathan Z.
  Tyler C.   Open   Open
  Open   Open    Open    Open

Troop Functions

Open Open
Open   Open
   Open   Jayce P.
    Tyler Z.
  Jaimison G.

Leadership Position Application Form

Boys who wish to be leaders need the active support of their parents.  There are additional meetings, events, and training programs to attend and we have higher expectations of our youth leaders.  To ensure parents understand these expectations, any Scout wishing to hold a leadership position must submit this form before elections.
Icon File Name Comment  
Leadership.pdf Leadership Position Application