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Crossing Over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts

Ten things new parents should know when their scout crosses over into a Scout Troop:
  1. What we used to call a Den we now call a Patrol, and what we used to call a Pack we now call a Troop.
  2. Cross over happens early in the spring. This is so your scout has time to meet and become familiar with the boys in the troop before going to summer camp with the troop.
  3. As the parent of a cub scout you might think, "my scout won't be ready for a week away this summer!" but our experience, year after year, is that the crossover scouts have as much or more fun at summer camp than the older scouts! Most importantly, crossover scouts who go to summer camp with their troop just after crossing over are far more likely to stay with Scouting. (Don't make plans to go back to cub scout camp one last time with your den or pack, you are in a Scout Troop now!)
  4. In Cub Scouts, the program is built by adults for the cubs. In Boy Scouts, the older scouts, those elected into leadership positions by their patrol and troop, are the people to plan and implement program.
  5. A "medical form" is required to participate in camping activities. A doctor's check-up and signature on the medical form is required to attend summer camp. Get physicals scheduled early! They are good for a full year. Please see the Forms/Handouts link on the left.
  6. What do I pack for my scout to go camping? Here's the secret, you don't! Hand them the packing list from our site - see the Camping and Summer Camp links on the left - and let them collect and pack the items on the list. Help them when they need it, but a scout who packs their own bag knows what they have with them and how to find it in their bag! This teaches them, in small steps, to start taking care of themselves.
  7. In Boy Scouts the role of parents/guardians changes. While it is critical for the success of the troop for parents to volunteer, it is a time to step back and give your scout the opportunity to succeed and fail and grow knowing they will be in a safe and supportive environment the whole time.
  8. Advancement happens individually, not as a "den". The boy scout program is designed such that by regularly attending meetings and campouts, advancement will happen. If your scout is involved in programs outside of scouts that prevents them from attending weekly meetings or campouts, advancement will still happen, just more slowly.
  9. We camp in all kinds of weather, and we camp almost every month. In the colder months, we camp in cabins. In the warmer months, we camp in tents. The boys have a ton of fun, even in rainy weather! The boys learn how to camp and what to pack for all sorts of weather, from when it's cold and rainy to hot and sunny. The troop provides all essential equipment, including tents, cook gear, etc. Scouts only need to provide personal gear.
  10. Parents meet regularly, too. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend these meetings. In Troop 750, parent meetings are every month, during the troop meetings, typically the second Thursday.