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Troop 284 is affiliated with King of Kings Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1715 S. Lapeer Road, Lake Orion, MI 48360.  Troop 284 is served by and located in the Pontiac-Manito District (northern Oakland County) of the Great Lakes Field Service Council (serving Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties) of the Michigan Crossroads Council of the Boy Scouts of America

Troop Meetings: Mondays - 7:00 PM - King of Kings Church,  - when Lake Orion Community Schools - High School is in session

Troop Campouts/Outings: Monthly weekends vary.  Fees vary and are set to cover the costs of the outings.

Patrol Leader Council Meetings: Key youth leaders and Scoutmaster - Usually 4th Monday of the month - 6:00 PM - King of Kings Church

Troop Committee Meetings:  Committee Members, Scoutmaster & Parents -4th Thursday of the month - 7:30 PM - Rotating Committee Members homes.


BSA registration and insurance fees are collected by Troop 284 and make up almost all of the troop dues amounts below.  Troop 284 is a 100% Boys Life unit (for youth).  Make checks payable to Troop 284.

New Member Dues (covers remainder of current year)

Transferring Active Webelos - $15/$30 due before crossover from Pack.  $15 for red scout neckerchief and boy scout epaulets.  Add $15 if not already receiving Boys Life magazine (required).

Transferring Active Boy Scout - No Charge to $25 due before joining.  $10 for red scout neckerchief if needed.  $15 if not already receiving Boys Life magazine (required).

First-Time Scout - $55 (partially pro-rated after January). Includes BSA registration, insurance, Boys Life magazine, scout neckerchief and scout epaulets,

Lapsed Scout - $25 to $55 (partially pro-rated after January). $25 for BSA registration and insurance, $15 for Boys Life magazine, $10 for scout neckerchief and $5 for scout epaulets.

Transferring Active Adult - No charge for transfer from another BSA unit (Pack, Troop, Crew, Ship)

First-Time or Lapsed Adult - $25 (partially pro-rated after January).  Includes BSA registration, insurance and Scouting magazine.

Continuing Member Dues (Due in November; covers the following calendar year)

Scouts - $37. Includes BSA registration, insurance and Boys Life magazine

Adults - $25.  Includes BSA registration, insurance and Scouting magazine


Much of the cost of operating the Troop is covered by Troop fundraising projects.  Participation is considered an important part of troop membership and the scouting experience.



Troop 284 is a boy-led troop and operates by the patrol method.  The boylead Patrol Leaders Council (PLC), with oversight from the Scoutmasters and Troop Committee, plan and implement the troop’s activities including our weekly troop meetings, campouts and our annual summer camp.  Our troop encourages all of our Scouts to attend the National Youth Leadership Training program. Troop 284 helps to underwrite this training for deserving scouts. Our adult leaders are trained in Scouting policies, training skills and safety appropriate to or exceeding the requirements for their positions and for our outings. Many of our adults have completed a six-day Wood Badge course, the highest level of training a Scouter can participate in.

Growing with the Boys

As the Scouts get older, we offer them a chance to pursue high adventure activities like canoeing, rock climbing, sailing, backpacking and other activities of interest to the boys.


Our Troop

Boy Scout Troop 284 of Lake Orion Michigan was chartered in 1971 and has been sponsored by the King of Kings Lutheran Church in Lake Orion for over 45 years. Our troop is very active. We have at least one campout every month all year round and attend summer camp.Our Scouts enjoy outdoor activities like camping, hiking and backpacking. On every campout we encourage and challenge ourselves with gourmet cooking. Car camping almost always brings out the Dutch Ovens. In addition to camaraderie and leadership the boys learn and practice outdoor skills like camping, cooking and orienteering on these trips.


Troop 284 is dedicated to:

·Fostering the growth of boys into young men through opportunities to develop good basic values.

·Learning about leadership and how to be a good follower.

·Practicing organizational skills and teamwork.

·Becoming self-reliant.

·Feel the pleasure of individual accomplishment, principally through a program of outdoor activities.

Parent Participation

Troop 284 enjoys a strong parental base. In addition to adult leadership and Troop Committee positions, we have many parents who help with special projects. We have a monthly Parent meeting to discuss ongoing troop issues and to ensure the troops safety and its success.  This meeting is held at 7:30 pm on the fourth Thursday of each month during the school year.  Parents are always welcome. Location is rotating, please contact Committee chair for current months location.  


Our troop meetings are held on Monday nights, 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. int the Fellowship Hall of King of Kings Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1715 S. Lapeer Road, Lake Orion, MI. The church is located on Lapeer Road about 1/2 mile north of Scripps Road, 

Scout Advancement

Our patrol leaders and older Scouts,under the supervision of the Scoutmaster, work with younger Scouts on rank advancement throughout the year.  Additional opportunities are available at summer camp. Boys are encouraged to earn merit badges individually or in groups or patrols. Many troop parents are merit badge counselors. We bring in other community members to our meetings to help Scouts with specialized skills.

Scout Recognition

Troop 284 holds Courts of Honor two times a year, where advancement is formally acknowledged with friends and family.

Eagle Scouts

·Eagle Scout is the highest rank thatcan be achieved as a boy scout.  One of our most important legacies is over 50 young men who have earned Eagle Scout rank.