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Boy Scout Troop 23
(Dormont, Pennsylvania)
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List of Troop 23 Eagle Scouts by Year

1925             Charles C. Cruikshank
12/07/1931    James Duff
12/07/1931    Paul V. Dunn
11/08/1933    Gayle Levens
11/05/1943    George W. Balch
11/05/1943    Harry J. Blair, Jr.
11/05/1943    Dick Kirchner
11/18/1943    Roy C. Dear Jr.
02/08/1945    Joe G. Corgin
02/08/1945    John C. Poierier
02/08/1945    Barry E. Wood
05/08/1946    William Lloyd
02/05/1947    Russ Eastwood Jr.
02/05/1948    Charles R. Cruikshank
05/24/1949    John Robert Baker Jr.
09/20/1950    Joe T. Shuler
12/30/1952    Jerry Houck Jr.
12/30/1952    William R. Johnson
12/30/1966    Dave A. Francis III
09/28/1967    Joe Bach
07/27/1967    James Cannon III
07/27/1967    Ricky R. Euter
09/18/1967    Mike Hass
03/09/1970    Mark Francis
09/10/1970    Vincent W. Kristobak
03/23/1972    John Deemer
03/23/1972    James W. Rutledge
09/26/1973    Jerry Crooks
09/26/1973    William K. Parker
09/26/1973    James T. Warters
09/26/1973    William Warters
09/11/1976    Jay Keenan
09/11/1976    Paul Morrell
09/23/1978    Jim Cropelli
06/27/1978    Ed Kasten
09/23/1978    Jim O'Toole
10/22/1982    Lou Diesroth
08/08/1984 Stephen C. Pearson
02/04/1986 Matt Collier
12/14/1986 Stephen Cropelli
01/07/1988 Wayne J. Richter
05/04/1988 Matthew P. Streiff
02/26/1989 F. Matthew Cropelli
05/03/1992 Alexander P. Rutkowski
01/16/1994 John E. Kvederis III
04/24/1994 Michael Low
2004          Zachary D. Baldwn
03/20/2005 Corey P. Teitz
11/30/2005 Thomas R. McMullen
12/18/2005 Thomas S. Hough III
01/15/2006 Paul H. McMullen
07/27/2006 Derek Schultz
10/19/2008 George Carvlin
03/22/2009 Brandon Bonwell
10/20/2013 Darren Frederick 
11/17/2013 Dom Costantini
07/20/2014 Ziebach (Zeke) Cane
05/10/2016 Antonio Casadei
12/13/2016 Chris Lisle Jr.
For information about the history of the rank of Eagle Scout and to find out more about the first Eagle Scout review the
"100 years of Scouting" that is attached to this page. 

Icon File Name Comment  
100 years of eagle scouts.pdf 100 years of eagle scouts  
T23 EAGLE SCOUTS through 2014.pdf Troop 23 Eagle Scouts through 2014  

Eagle Scout Patches

For information about the history of eagle patch history, go to

That page lists 9 different Eagle patches. 

Which one is your favorite and why?

If you were to create a Eagle patch, what would it look like?